Water storage solutions for frost protection

Cold spring nights with temperatures subzero lead to exciting days for (fruit) growers. Overnight frost can cause significant damage to fruit blossoms, threathening the harvest of entire fruit orchards with failure. 

Irrigation techniques protecting against frost damage

The past years we have lined various excavated basins and silos for (fruit) nurseries at home and abroad. Irrigation techniques have been shown to be very effective in the protection of fruit, trees or crops from frost damage. The water sprayed on buds from water sprinkler systems, connected to the basin, forms a protective film around the plant.  It cools down the plant and it keeps the buds above its critical damage temperature.

Continuity is key

Important in this frost protection method is that permanent sprinkling with water must be maintainted as long as there is a risk of the plant freezing due to frost. If the sprinkling of water would be interrupted, the water film would freeze completely and the plant would freeze to death.

Read about a few of our frost protection systems in Serbia, Poland and the Netherlands.

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