10 tanks for growing water lilies, Saudi Arabia

NPI brings water, whenever and wherever it is needed!

Recently we assisted and supervised the installation of 10 water tanks at the west coast of Saudi Arabia. The installation is part of the world’s most ambitious giga-projects: the Red Sea project. The project aims to transform Saudi Arabia into a world-leading tourism destination and extends over 28,000 square kilometers. The designs for luxury tourism destinations at the Kingdom’s west coast include plans for resorts, airports, entertainment centers and shopping malls. With sustainability at its core, supporting infrastructure emphasizes renewable energy and water conservation and re-use.

In this context, a contract for an onsite landscape nursery that spans over one million square meters was awarded. It will propagate groundcovers, plants, shrubs, trees and palms to help meet the demand of 15 million plants for landscaping at the destinations. The 10 water tanks we delivered will be used for the cultivation of water lilies. These exclusive aquatic plants find their ways to luxurious shopping malls, wellness centers, resorts and ornamental ponds.

The metal silos all have a diameter of 10 meters and a limited height of 40 centimeters. This exceptional low height is extremely suitable for this application as it offers an adequate work height. The metal is double coated to make the water tanks withstand the demanding climatologic conditions of this area; sweltering and long summers, drought and salty soil conditions.

Our team was on site at the time of installation to provide technical support. Although the installation of our water tanks is quick and easy, customers can rely on us and our dealer network whenever they wish to receive technical assistance.