Basin for frost protection in fruit trees, Serbia

Project info

Early spring we lined a basin in Serbia with an ENPEX FPP liner. Our dealer established an excavated basin of 77 x 63 m for a renowned blueberry grower in the surroundings of Novi Sad.

The collected water is primarily used for misting buds of blue berries and frost protection in cherries. The snow and sub zero temperatures lead to exciting days for fruit growers. Especially in March and April, blossom months par excellence, some fruit types are almost in bloom. This makes the blossoms extra vulnerable and make them being in need of decent protection.

The stored water in the basin is connected to an irrigation system that mists the buds of fruit trees during (night) frost. Water forms a protective layer of ice around the blossoms and protects this way the nurseries from severe damage.

The past years we have lined various excavated basins for fruit nurseries at home and abroad. We are happy to be able to help fruit growers in these critical weeks, making a difference in their valuable yields.