Drinking water storage, Cyprus

When a drinking water producer in Southern Cyprus was urgently looking for a temporary replacement for their production storage, NPI supplied three tanks in collaboration with a partner.

The prolonged drought in Cyprus during the past decade means that the available storage in reservoirs is inadequate. As a result, another solution was sought. This led to the construction of desalination plants. Here, seawater is purified to produce drinking water, which is subsequently transported to urban and tourist areas. In this way, a large part of Cyprus is provided with clean drinking water and is thus independent of rainfall. The material used for the liner, Enpex FPP, is the most commonly used material for coatings and is certified for drinking water.

The steel tank roof ensures that rainwater cannot enter the tank. It also prevents contamination, evaporation and algae growth. This is a good way of covering the tanks and ensuring that the drinking water remains safe and clean for as long as possible!