Excavated basin for the irrigitation of agriculture, the Netherlands

Project info

Preparations for a basin of 20.000 m3 were made at one of the peninsulas of Zeeland, in the south of the Netherlands. Our welding team installed a 8000 m2 Enpex FPP in this newly excavated basin.

Both rainwater and treated flush water will be stored in this basin. The stored water can then be used by farmers in the area for irrigating their agricultural plots.

Farmers have suffered greatly from drought in recent years and the availability of fresh water is of utmost importance for their crops. With this ingenious storing system, farmers in the area have access to fresh irrigation water and the initiator no longer discharges water into the sewer.

A wonderful idea to support farmers, fruit growers and nature reserves in Zeeland in drier times with available, fresh water. We are proud we can contribute to this sustainable water management project with our lining solutions.