Water tanks for a tomato grower, Mexico

NPI recently delivered four tanks of 760 m3 to Betulia, Jalisco, Mexico. This client has world-class greenhouses and supplies the best tomatoes and peppers throughout the year. To provide the greenhouses with irrigation water, the facilities were equipped with four tanks. Two tanks provide fresh water, while the other two are used to store fertilised water. With a diameter of 14.63 meters and a height of 4.57 meters, this represents sufficient storage capacity for two days.

This client wanted extra strength, and so the tanks were fabricated from 1.0 mm thick steel. Enpex 0.75 mm was used for the liner. The client also added a stretched anti-algae cover to the tanks to prevent algae growth.

This project is a good example of the products and services that NPI supplies to the horticultural sector. Visit our website at www.npiwaterstorage.com for more projects.